Community Foundation of the Great River Bend awards $105,000 in grants





The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend (CFGRB) is pleased to announce Nonprofit Capacity Building grants totaling $105,000 have been awarded to eight local organizations. “Nonprofit Capacity Building grants, formerly Core Mission grants, are available to our nonprofit organizations who want to transform the ability to carry out their missions,” said Sherry Ristau, President & CEO. “Thanks to generous donors to our Community Impact Fund, we are able to offer this funding opportunity twice per year.”

The name of the program was recently changed to better define the purpose of the grant program. Nearly $700,000 has been awarded since the program started in 2012.  “Through our nonprofit partners, and their efforts to build and improve their capacity and effectiveness, the Community Foundation is truly making an impact on our region,” Ristau added.

One of the eight organizations that received funding to improve their organizational effectiveness is Bethany for Children & Families. The $15,000 grant they received will purchase 36 refurbished laptop computers for Bethany’s case management staff. The laptops will allow staff to provide services to families and children at school and in their homes, while helping them to be more efficient, see more clients, and complete paperwork between sessions. Access to laptops with internet connection improves communication between caseworkers and other service providers involved in the client’s treatment team. Expedited communication means faster, more efficient and effective service for the agency’s clients.

Dr. Bill Steinhauser, Bethany for Children & Families President and CEO said, “The Nonprofit Capacity Building grant will help make Bethany’s workforce more agile and empower our case management staff to provide expert care to community members who need it most. Services like free therapy for children and housing for homeless teens require precise documentation and recordkeeping. This grant will help the agency increase effectiveness while simultaneously reducing the stress on our staff – allowing them to make notes in the field or complete billing requirements between appointments saves agency staff from having to make an extra trip back to their desks at the end of the long day. I often joke that I know Bethany is doing great work when there’s nobody here! Case managers belong with their clients, and this grant will make their workdays easier.”

Here is the complete list of the spring 2015 Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant recipients:

  • American Heart Association – $15,000
    • Mission: Lifeline in Rural Iowa
  • Ballet Quad Cities – $14,950
    • Office and performance equipment
  • Bethany for Children & Families – $15,000
    • Laptop and technology updates for mobile case management
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley – $15,000
    • Club technology renovation
  • Family Resources – $15,000
    • Client data management system upgrades
  • Figge Art Museum – $9,000
    • Strategic planning and board training
  • Freedom House Inc. – $9,500
    • Henry County Satellite Office
  • SAL Family & Community Services – $11,550
    • Implementation of new child assessment tool

Twice per year, grant applications are evaluated by a committee of volunteers and then approved by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. “This grant cycle, CFGRB funding will aid local nonprofits in the areas of healthcare, youth, domestic violence, education, and the arts,” said volunteer committee chair Jean Moran. “After carefully considering each grant application, the grant volunteers recommend funding to efforts to the Board that best meet the grant criteria, ensuring that our nonprofit partners are able to continue their important work.”

The next Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant cycle begins in fall of 2015. Organizations interested in applying should visit to submit their online Letter of Interest by September 1, 2015. Organizations will then be invited to complete the online application due by November 1, 2015.

Questions about Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant applications can be emailed to [email protected] or call 563-326-2840 to speak with our programs staff.

The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend facilitates community philanthropy serving as a bridge for people with passion, commitment, and a collaborative spirit.  Together we challenge the status quo to develop cool, creative, and prosperous opportunities that benefit our Regional Community.