The Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations, in collaboration with its 32 member Illinois Community Foundations, Forefront and corporate sponsors including the Brechnitz Group of Raymond James and FirstMid Bank & Trust, are pleased to share the Transfer of Wealth Opportunity Study, which details the re-investment potential to encourage economic vitality and community prosperity from our state’s assets in the form of homes, businesses, or investments that will transfer between generations within the next 10 and 50 years.

The TOW Study provides a research-based estimate of household wealth that could become available to aid local communities and the state of Illinois overall through charitable giving and philanthropic investing. The study was conducted for every county in Illinois estimated down to Census tracts.

Dan Templin, board president of the Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations said, “The data revealed in the current Study is energizing. The time for planning and collaboration on how to make the most of this immense opportunity is now. In order for all communities across our state to be healthy and vibrant—for generations to come— we must make our communities our heirs. It is time to start having open conversations about how we each can do our part to invest in our communities through philanthropy to ensure all of Illinois is vibrant for generations to come.”  

To read and download the TOW Study, click here:

For questions about the study or for more information please contact Louise Stewart, Manager, AICF at [email protected].